Building Web Projects

with Server-Side Includes, a little Perl, and some JavaScript

Building Web Projects

Building Web Projects exists to show ways to develop websites that don't require advanced frameworks, yet still allow you to have sites that offer dynamic pages. You'll also find ideas that will help you enhance user experience. All this while developing code that is easy to understand and maintain.

The ideas present here make heavy use of Server-Side Includes (SSI). You'll also find articles that use some Perl. And of course, there will be some JavaScript which includes jQuery. Nothing here is very complicated. This is not meant to be an in-depth explanation of SSI, Perl, or any other technology. Rather it is meant to show ways to use these in relative simple fashion to achieve some nice results. Along this line, some readers will undoubtly find better ways to accomplish what I have shown. So don't think that what I have here is meant to be the one and only way to accomplish something, but just the way I chose to approach the problem.

What You Need To Know

The articles presented on this site discuss ways to build websites with features and capabilities that enhance your projects. Therefore, I assume that you know some HTML, CSS, and the basics of programming. Some articles include examples to demonstrate the ideas. All articles will include the code necessary to immediately implement the idea. Some articles will discuss ideas which make use of some jQuery which can be used without a detailed explanation.

On the slightly more advanced side some of the ideas will make use of Perl for server-side processing. SSI is used to execute the Perl, and the results are sent back to the browser. The Perl is pretty simple and this is where a basic understand of programming will help greatly. Knowing what an if-block is and comparison statements will be helpful, but can easily be learned.

I have organized the menu according to the primary technologies in use. Naturally, there will be some cross-over but hopefully the menu structure will be useful.

What You Won't Find

You won't find ridiculous ads interrupting the content as you try to read. And you won't find any affiliate marketing links where I'm trying to sell you something I don't own. And you won't find any of those annoying popups asking you subscribe before leaving. I just wanted to present some web development ideas.


I hope you find the information presented here useful.